Gawashop Building No. 120A, Room No. 2, 3 & 6. Near Tata Show Room,
Tshalulam, Babesa, Thimphu.

About Us

We are focused on enabling businesses, artesian and small offline seller to benefit from the widest reach made possible by e-commerce.We do this by setting up an online store in our platform on our partners behalf. Our goal is to create an online ecosystem for both Vendors and Customers. For the Vendors when multiple Seller comes under one platform, it will attract more customer which will translates to more sales potentials and for the customers there will be Broad Choices of products Online. We adore having more choices and options to suit our needs best, so having a variety of products within one platform will be very convenient for all of us.  The price of the product is same as vendors selling price in his physical store. But might have to bear the delivery charges in some cases.

We also provide services to enable abroad online shopping making it hassle free.

Most of us have an experience of shopping from international shopping sites like amazon, myntra, flipkart etc. We love because there is so many cool things to buy at a very competitive price. And, it’s not only apparel, but almost everything ranging from furniture, books, electronic goods to jewelry and sports equipment’s which are available online.

The two main problem because of which buying products from international websites is so difficult i.e. first, they don't accept our bank card and second, most seller don't ship to Bhutan.

So we provide (easy to place order services) to those recommended international sites making it hassle free. User just needs to sign up in our web portal and create order with the item URL from the desired shopping sites and sent the order request to us. We receive the orders and process with the help our partners in India.

gawashop team.