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Caresmith Eon Premium Electric Hot Water Bag
Nu. 999 1 kg 460 g
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Caresmith Eon Premium Electric Hot Water Bag Dual Insulation Silicon Technology with 6 Layers of Protection

The most advanced electric hot water bag: safer, stronger, softer. The eon electric hot water bag comes with an all new design with 6 layers of protection, patented silicon heating system and charger with auto-shut off technology. No more cheap rusty electrodes, sharp edges, or a single layer insulation Heats quickly and lasts long: rechargeable means you will never have to waste time or energy on boiling water and pouring it into a water bottle again. One full charge can last for up to 2-4 hours without losing heat . It requires no refill, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Superior to any hot water bottle, electric blankets, or disposable heating pads Triple protection: the eon is the only hot water bag that provides 3 modes of protection via: i. intelligent thermostat with auto cut-off temperature of 70 degrees c ii. triple temperature fuse and iii. power supply with mechanical switch