Gawashop Building No. 120A, Room No. 2, 3 & 6. Near Tata Show Room,
Tshalulam, Babesa, Thimphu.
Manual Can Opener 2 in 1
Nu. 650 1 Piece
Limited Stock! Only 2 Nos is left in stock
Ultra-sharp cutting blades cut a clean, smooth edge with minimal effort.

Iron + PP + ABS + Stainless Steel The material of handle: PP+ABS+Stainless Steel Application: Beer Bottle, Can, Jar etc. The stricture is close, the work is factitious. Each widget is after fine grinding, the source high quality intimate design The Fine Gear Fine perfect and blade roller, to help you take off the lid easily, more solid security. Comfortable Grip Ergonomically, Anti- skidding & frosting humanized design will make you feel to be more comfortable.