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Metal Hanging Wind Chime-Multicolour
Nu. 1100 1 Piece
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Wind chimes can be decorative, they can be musical and in Feng Shui, they can also be powerful tools. it is believed you can attract money and friends and promote health and harmony within your family. The sound is one of several Feng Shui "cures", items that, when used in specific ways, can remedy a variety of problems. It sounds very sweet. Wind chimes are used widely in Feng Shui to activate chi and eliminate any blockages that might be causing problems for a home’s occupants Five Rod wind chime can be used at center of the house or at the main door or at the place where the vibrations are weak. Will remove all negative energies from home, bring all positive vibes and energy Vastu Feng Shui Multi Color Wind Chimes 7 Rods Pipes for Home Positive Energy Wealth Good Luck success happiness peace Good Vibes | Entrance Wall/Door Hanging for Decor and Gift Items Home Office Décor