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WindChime 7 Pipes Rods for Positive Vibrations Energy Flow at Home Office for Balcony Window with Peaceful Sound
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Metal Feng Shui Vastu Windchime 7 Pipes Rods for Positive Vibrations Energy Flow at Home, Office, Garden (Balcony, Bedroom, Window, Indoor & Outdoor Decoration, Peaceful Sound)
High Quality Aluminium Pipes For Soft & Soothing Sound This product comes in a proper packaging Wind Chime on Amazon For Garden & Balcony Excellent for Home & Office Decor Built As Per - Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui Experts

Benefits of Feng Shui Golden Wind Chime 7 Pipes Rods: A Feng Shui or Vastu windchimes can be a very nice way to add positive vibrations to your house.
A feng shui wind chime will help you add feng shui harmony according to the way you use it.
Depending on where you place it, your feng shui wind chime will help you balance the environment in which it is.
You can choose different places for your feng shui wind chime, depending on the effect you want to achieve with it.
If you mainly want it to decorate and add a nice harmonic touch, you can place it near a door or a window where you can see it and hear it.
You can also choose the spot according to how the breeze moves in it, either if you want delicate breezes or a windier place where your feng shui wind chime would sound louder.
Your feng shui wind chime can be placed according to feng shui guidelines and the way elements are distributed within the house or the room.
Seven Rod wind chimes can be used at the west side of the house or any room to boost creativity in the children and also amongst all members.
It has been proven that certain types of music can be beneficial to people with high blood pressure or who suffer from stress. Will remove all negative energies from home, bring all positive vibes and energy
Ideal for Gifting Your Loved Ones, Near & Dear Ones during Festivals, Special Occasions, Birthdays & Marriage Anniversary, Teachers Days.