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Round Ribbed flower pot-Multi color
Nu. 1499 Nu. 999 Set of 5
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Product Dimensions: Length: 15 cm, Width: 15 cm, Height: 15 cm Material: Metal Package contents: 5 planters

Everyone loves gardening. It is the best hobby one should have. Having a beautiful garden around your home keeps you always energetic. They also purify the air around the home and provide fresh air. But they consume bigger space around your house. In today's congested world filled with concrete buildings, we cannot find sufficient place to grow plants. To those who are willing to have a small garden with a little bit of space, you can have a balcony garden with pots. These pots may solve the problem of space but what about the beauty? Here is a cute metal pot which not only solves the space issue but also beautifies your balcony. It is trustbasket round ribbed planters. These metal planters are made of galvanized iron metal. The white ribbed pattern makes it more elegant and eye catcher. The powder coated paint provides excellent durability of minimum 10 years and durability extends based on the maintenance of the planter. Powder coated paint will completely avoid rust and color fade. Our metal garden planters are provided with detachable hooks so you can use them as railing or table top. The planters contain drainage hole at the bottom so the excess of water will flow out. These metal railing planters can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening.