Gawashop Building No. 120A, Room No. 2, 3 & 6. Near Tata Show Room,
Tshalulam, Babesa, Thimphu.


How do I go about it Related
1.What is
Gawashop is a service based company that allows people living in Bhutan to buy products from the online giants like Amazon, Myntra, Ali-Express etc. Buying products from overseas can be challenging for people in Bhutan for various reasons.
First of all, not all international web stores ship products to Bhutan. Secondly payment method is the issue. In addition, what if the product arrives damaged? Returning can be a hassle and incur unnecessary expenses.
This is where gawashop can help. We have offices in Thimphu, Delhi & Bangalore. Our customers can easily pay in BTN. We also make sure to check the items for damage prior to shipping to Bhutan. Moreover, all items are 100% insured which means in case of damage, we place a new order at no extra charge or simply refund the money. No questions asked.

2.How much does it cost?
We have our detailed shipping Cost at the right hand side of our home page, Please refer that.
Buying products from the U.S, China & India incurs international shipping charges plus our service fee. In addition, we have to clear custom duties and VAT during clearance. Custom duties depend on the category of the product.

3. How do I pay?
We currently have Cash on delivery mode of payment, Mob transfer, BOB Scan and Pay. We will soon implement online Payment from all the banks using RMA Payment Gateway.

4. Do I need to pay in full or can I make partial payment?
We are a service company and we do not hold inventory of any products. Because we only import requested products from our customers, we require full payment to process the order. But initially we will accept Cash on Delivery mode of Payment until our RMA payment gateway is up and running.
Your payment is 100% safe with us and in rare event if there is damage or any other issue for not fulfilling your order, 100% payment will be refunded.

5.How do I order?
Placing an order is very easy. Simply copy the URL from any product page and Paste it on to create order. We will verify and confirm you the order via call before processing the order. We will only process your order after your approval and notify you for during the delivery.

Quotes & Ordering Process
1.Which online sites should I buy?
Recommended website Links has a list of all the major online stores based in India, We will soon add online stores from U.S.A & China.We will carefully select and recommend very reputable websites, however by no means you are restricted to those websites only. Feel free to request quotes from other websites and we will inform you if we do find them reputable enough to buy from them.
We generally look for website reviews, their contact phone number to decide if we want to place orders with them or not. There are a lot of fake and fraudulent websites and therefore we have to be very careful in taking orders from websites we are not confident about.

2.Can I buy second hand or used goods?
According to Bhutan customs rules and regulations, importing second hand or used goods are not allowed. Only brand new goods can be imported.

Shipping & Delivery Related
1.How long does it take to deliver the products?
Depending on the websites you shop from, We will take anywhere from 2 to 4 Weeks to deliver.

2.Why is my order delayed?
There are few reasons why your order might be delayed?
One of the main reasons for delay is inventory issue with the sellers and their processing time. Many sellers’ take 1-3 days processing time before they ship the order
Sometimes delay for delivery can be due to holiday season, bad weather and their internal reasons
Delay Custom clearance due to holiday, unavailability of custom officials at Phuentsholing Custom and Paro Airport can also cause delays.

3.What happens if my goods arrive damaged?
We insure all the orders but in the rare event of goods arriving damaged, we take full responsibility and either replace the order or refund you the cost of goods.

4.Can you expedite the order? It's urgent.
Yes, we can expedite your order and ship using FedEx or DHL directly to you. Check with our team on the charges for expediting the order.

Returns, Refunds Related
Q. Can I cancel my order?
A. Yes, you cancel the order if the seller has not yet shipped.
Q. What about refund?
A. We will refund you full amount if the order is cancelled before reaching our warehouse.
Q. Can I return products if I don't like?
A. Yes, you can do that given the seller is still accepting returns.
Q. Do you facilitate return on my behalf?
A. Yes we take responsibility to ship the product back to the Sellers. The return courier charges might be applicable due to delayed return as all the foreign online store has maximum of 10 days period for returning the Items.
Q. Do I get full refund for my returned order?
A. Only product price will be refunded. Bank charges, shipping, import duties and our service charges will not be refunded.

Payment and Pricing
Q. How can I make payment for the order?
A. We currently have Cash on delivery mode of payment, Mob transfer, Scan and Pay. We will soon implement online Payment from all the banks using RMA Payment Gateway.
Q. What are the costs involved when importing products to Bhutan?
A. There are three main costs: Bank charges, International shipping charges and Import duties or custom duty charges.
Q. Why are your charges so expensive?
A. specializes in providing the best prices to our customers. Thus, we keep our charges very minimum. Importing products from abroad incurs a lot of charges such as bank charges, international shipping and import fees. Among these charges, import fees/ custom duties take up the majority of the costs.
Q. Can I get additional discounts?
A. Since we already provide the best prices to our customers, additional discounts are not possible.
Tracking Order
Q. How can I track my order?
A. You can track your order from my orders page soon but for now you can contact our customer service for the update.
Q. How do I know my order is confirmed?
A. We will call you or send you an sms/email when we confirm your order. You can also check My Orders page and checking the tracking status.
Q. Which courier will deliver my item?
A. We use a network of trustworthy partners based on their speed to deliver the order to you.
Q. Why did I receive a partial order?
A. This could be because: You have a single order with many items that could have been shipping separately. If an item is missing from a set or combo, please get in touch with us.