Gawashop Building No. 120A, Room No. 2, 3 & 6. Near Tata Show Room,
Tshalulam, Babesa, Thimphu.
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1.This is an estimated cost only. Actual cost may vary based on the accurate product category and weight. Additional handling charges may apply,   (Charges includes Bhutan Custom clearing, Duty & Sales Tax, Indian Custom Clearing, Remittance Fees,   Freight Charges & Gawashop Services Charges.
2. Delivery of goods will be completed within 3-4 Weeks from the Order date.
3. We request you to deposit 100% Advance. So that we will proceed the order on the same day.
4. If your Orders are Not Fulfilled, We Refund 100% Money that is paid, while placing the Order.
5. All the online purchased goods are subjected to pay tax as per customs act of Bhutan. Please note that our taxable calculation is    Not Accurate we've charged lumpsum of 10% for all the goods which is on an average levied during the declaration.